Admission Information


Names of prospective students are registered from October onwards. Parents have to collect the application form from the school office and do the registration. In case of K.G a personal interaction of the child with the class teacher and parents.

For grades 1 and above a small assessment test will be conducted of the subject English, Science and Math. Admission Test will follow a personal interaction of the child & the parents with the principal. The results of admission procedure will be declared within 48 hours.

Course ID Age Group
Nursery 2 years 10 months on 1st June
Pre Transition 3 years 10 months on 1st June
Transition 4 years 10 months on 1st June
Grade I 5 years 10 months on 1st June

Fees are exclusive of School Uniforms, Shoes, Text Books, Note Books, School Bag, Special Days, Sports and Performing Arts, Library Fees and Post School Activities, Remedial Teaching, Competitive Exam Coaching, Training for External Competitions, Transportation. Etc Fees are acceptable in the format of NEFT, Demand Draft or CTS Cheque.

Fee Policy


- The school fee is applicable for the academic year June to May.

- At the time of admission the student is required to pay the registration and admission fee.

- The annual fees to be paid in two installments one installment at the time of admission and the other in the month of October